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How we Grade our Vinyl Records

Our Vinyl Records are VISUALLY GRADED.

We do not grade the covers but, we do mention any defect we notice and take pictures of the covers for you to see.

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SEALED ALBUMS (SS) Original albums that have never been opened.


MINT (M) - The vinyl is absolutely perfect in every way.

NEAR MINT (NM) - Near mint records are shiny and will have only the slightest imperfections. Imperfections will be so slight that you will have to look very closely just to find them.

VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) Records may show some slight signs of wear, including light scuffs or very light scratches that do not affect the listening experience. Slight warps that don’t affect the sound are OK. Minor signs of handling are OK, too, such as telltale marks around the center hole, so long as repeated playing has not misshapen the hole. There may be some very light ring wear or discoloration, but it should be barely noticeable.
I rarely list anything in lower condition unless it is very rare.

VERY GOOD (VG) Records have more obvious flaws. They lack most of the original gloss found on factory-fresh records. Groove wear is evident on sight, as are light scratches deep enough to feel with a fingernail.

GOOD (G) Good does not mean bad! The record should still play through without skipping, so it can serve as filler until something better comes along. But it has significant surface noise and groove wear. The label is worn and exhibits significant ring wear, heavy writing or obvious damage caused by trying to remove tape or stickers and failing miserably.

POOR (P)  Records are warped or skip. You will not find them here.